Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's Official!

My fridge doodle!
The flights are booked. It feels so official now. I guess dropping $2000 on a plane flight made the reality of Australia come to light. I will be leaving behind everything and everyone I know on February 15th from LAX to Cairns, Australia and then arriving at my final destination in Sydney four days later. It will be the first time I have every left the country. Furthermore, I will be spending my first birthday abroad as I turn 21 on July 8th and return to the US the next day. I'm excited for a bit of exploration as one of my life goals is to see the world while helping people along the way.

When I got my E-ticket via email, I decided to write out all my flight information. Also, I made a little doodle.  I felt it was appropriate fridge material. Each morning I wake up and look at the picture on my fridge of my plane flying off into the clouds and arriving in a land of adventure, down under. I can't wait to see what this land has in store for me. Adventure Awaits! Feel free to come along :)

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