Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Love Tap

This week reality decided to hit me, and it was no love tap. It was the second time since I have been here that my school work reminded me that I do indeed go to school. I had a paper and a midterm. It all amounted t
o the sacrifice of the concert I volunteered to get tickets for. I was fine with missing the concert to do homework though; it is undeniably why I am here I suppose.

 The end of the week came with a sigh of relief. I went to Circular Quay to film a friend for a project. We went to the Overseas Passenger Terminal. You take a lift up to the fourth floor for a superb view of the harbor, opera house, and bridge. It was twilight and the sky was blue and pink as the sun just set. Since we were in the area we went off to Pancakes on the Rocks, a traditional hot spot. After some scrumptious pancakes, it was off to the train to return home. It was my first time seeing the opera house at night. It is spectacular how one building can look so different at different times of the day. It sparkled across the harbour. Navigating public transportation is an essential for life in the city. The train back is cheap and quick. 
The next day I purchased tickets to a movie event at the IMAX Theater in Darling Harbour about 5 minutes from home. The theater happens to be the biggest IMAX in the world. The movies were the Avengers and the midnight premiere of Iron Man 3. It comes out here before the starts! It was exciting to look forward to!
I spent a day in the library studying for my hardest class, and then my friends and I decided to plan out our Anzac weekend. We decided to go to Perth and road trip through Western Australia and bought the plane flights spontaneously that night.  Then it was off to Marquee, a very popular nightclub in Sydney, to celebrate the birthdays of 2 friends.  It was a very fun night! There was good music, good people, and dancing to make the night one of the most fun since being here.

There was one hiccup in the week, me shattering my computer screen. I was walking and just dropped it, a prime example of my grace. I got it fixed in the hour with a drive-up screen fixer and for about $185 the problem was solved.
I just got back from the movies and it was amazing! So much action and heroism! I finished packing for my trip to Perth and will be leaving for the airport in about 1.5 hours. Yay for all-nighters and late packing! I would gladly live out of a suitcase, sleep in the car, and sacrifice sleep if I had the opportunity to travel the world. Now that I have that chance, I’m taking the opportunity.

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