Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ordinary to Extraordinary: Through Child-Like Eyes

Although I get to experience an amazing country and am blessed with the chance to see all its beauty and experience the Aussie spirit of life, there are average days as well. I do go on fabulous trips to amazing places and meet awesome people, but I do also have days in the library being a student and getting my work done. I feel that being in Australia I have been better about avoiding procrastination. In the states, I would wait to do my work until it was absolutely necessary, but being here I want to get things done as soon as possible so that I can do all the amazing things that I do and still get good marks in school. University of Sydney is considered one of the top Unis in the country. It is a place where 50% is a pass because all professors mark so hard. I got a 70% on a case study in one of my business classes and was upset, but my friend only got 20%. An Australian told me that what I got was actually a good mark and to be happy with it, it was hard to wrap my head around. I feel that I always give everything I do my best effort, so that is all I can do. Going to a top university has been quite a challenge. School is cancelled often with strikes and in my opinion the quality of teaching is a bit lower yet the grading is extremely picky. The culture of stress is completely different. American life is very fast-paced and people define themselves with what they do in terms of work. Australians don’t ever or rarely stress about the everyday tasks of life. 

I feel that this escape from my actual reality of my American life has embedded me with the spirit of a place where work doesn’t define you. A place where there is no average or common. That is what traveling does, it makes everything spectacular. Everything is special and eye-opening. I don’t take anything for granted. This is a place where an average weekend is an amazing adventure. Traveling makes you a child again, free-spirited and wide-eyed with the belief that you can do anything. Everything you see and experience is thought-provoking and the world is once again enchanting. Your greatest wish is to open your arms to the world and experience it all, if you could hug the world, you would. Every sunset and sunrise is a celebration and a captivating moment in time. You appreciate the everyday every day. I have realized how much I love where I come from and how blessed I am to live in the United States of America in the beautiful state of California. I have realized that there is so much to do in my own country and so little I know about it. It is sad, but I feel like I know more and have seen more of Australia than my own country. I used to see home as such a boring place, when I go back I know I won't. There really is so much to see and do, and it took my going away to realize that. I feel like one of my best friends now, Kristin. She moved to CA from Chicago and appreciates every little thing about California. From the way the fruit tastes to the beautiful beaches, everything amazes her. She sees beauty all around her and I feel like when I go back, we will see the world through similar eyes. 

Yes, in life sometimes it is about being in the right place. People may think home is a place, but I think it is an atmosphere and a feeling. I have learned to internalize home. I carry it with me, wherever I go, it is the place that I am. My idea of the atmosphere of home is being with all the people I love. I had a conversation with my parents today. My mother and I sang the theme to “The Big Bang Theory”, one of the classic shows played in the confines of the Campbell TV room. My jolly father told me about my car, ‘Suzy’. I felt my mood change as I spoke with them. I was delirious as I had just awakened, but I became awake and laughed loudly once again. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of where you come from and a laugh with people that you love. It is those little things in life that make it truly special, sure these adventures are amazing, but they all must come to an end (which is in about 50 days by the way). And in this end, I will be back in the arms of my family and friends, laughing once again with the reawakening of all the little things in life that make it so very ordinarily extraordinary. 

To all my friends and family, thanks for making my life so blessed.  I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received throughout my journey. Love you all!

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